E-MAIL SERVICES FOR ELECTION: Election messenger will mechanically send your voters an email with instructions to vote as soon as possible, however it is also feasible to use a third-party email service including mail chimp, regular Contact and many more to send the emails. This is merely essential if you want to:-

  • Send the emails from your organization’s email address instead of no reply
  • Modify the email pattern
  • Convert the email topic
  • Make specially the content of the email
  • Use another language rather than English

First of all import all your voters into Election Runner. When you are prepared to start your election, you will need to export the list of voters out of the page of voters. You can import this folder into the third party email service of your own wish, where you have whole manage over your email template as well as content.

Take for example, Mail Chimp is beneficial to operate merge tags as well as entrench each and every Voter ID as well as Voter Key into the email. You can put URL of your website in the mail. This URL can be fixed into the content of your email and when clicked it will take the voter to your election and automatically log them in to vote.


E-MAIL SERVICES FOR ELECTION: Voters are depended on online devices for information regarding where to vote, what is on the ballot and when they can vote. However, few voters are uninformed that their community and town even have a website regarding elections.

While they search for elections information, they start with their area, their state and their country, depending on what they are looking for, so it is significant that all of these options lead to correct information.

They want to be ready to vote. They want to know about their ballot, consequently they can get ready. The most interesting thing is that people came to know about voting.

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